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: why are the instructions so complicated?
We know the instructions are a little tough to take, and we're sorry about that. The good news? We're working on optimizing our system to make it a lot easier for you.

: do i have to include the "!" at the end of the code?
For the time being, you have to include the "!" in order for blockies to work popular. If you don't include it, your message might not upload. In our next release, you won't have to include the "!".

: do i have to add the word "add" or "get"?
For the time being, you have to include the words "add" or "get" so that our system can recognize what you are trying to do — upload a picture from your phone, or download one to it.

: why are there only 10 blockies on the map?
Right now, blockies is working with an experimental form of Google Maps. Once we figure out how to plot all the stickers on a map, we'll put it up.

: how do you know where the stickers are located? are you using some kind of gps tracking?
No. Currently, we can only plot a picture on the map if someone has tagged it with the sticker's location. We can then geocode this, and put it on the map.

: why do i have to put up a sticker?
You should put a sticker up so that other people can download your picture onto their phone, or add their own pictures of that spot.

: can i make up my own unique code?
Not yet. But we're working on a new feature for this. We'll let you know.

: this doesn't work on my phone. why not?
Phone problems + solutions page coming soon.

: how do i get stickers?
Just fill out the form here and we'll mail you of charge!

: how do i find the picture i uploaded?
You received a confirmation text message when you uploaded your picture...just follow that URL to your photo. Or, you can enter either the code or your phone number on our search page.

: can people see my phone number?
No. We never reveal your personal information to anyone. Although you can search by phone number, the number is not visible on any public page.

: what are tags? why should i use them?
Tags are a great way to categorize our pictures, and make for easy browsing. With tags, we can put them on our map. Right now, please insert one tag at a time. We're working on a better way to insert multiple tags on photos.

: who runs blockies?
That would be me.

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